Travel Diary: Girls Trip Florida 2016


Why hello there my beautiful people!!!!!! How are you all?
I'm so sad to be back home but excited to share my recent trip to Florida. I’m so happy my friend Cindy invited me on this much needed girls trip. We were in Florida Friday thru Monday, short trip but it was such a fab one. Our flight from Boston to Orlando was scheduled for 3 hours but the pilot was able to get us there in 2 ½ hours, what great news to kick off our girls vacation!

We stayed at Cindy’s parents vacation home which wasn't too far from Orlando. The fashionistas that we are, we literally shopped til we dropped, I loved loved loved the shops in Florida and don't get me started with the outlets OMG, insane! After a day of travel and shopping what better thing to do was to pamper ourselves with mani/pedis which was exactly what we needed.


Even though we were in the Orlando area, we absolutely had to make it to the beach at least once. So on Saturday we took a little drive to Cocoa Beach Pier, what's a vacation to Florida without going to the beach. I'm a total beach bum, nothing makes me happier than being at the beach, it's just so calming and relaxing. Not going to lie it was extremely hot, the sand was unbearable, it felt like we were walking on fire, but other than that it was perfection. The water was so warm, we stayed there for a few hours and check out the pier, the view was just gorgeous! Our beach day was a total success but unfortunately even though I wore sunscreen of 70 spf, I burned so bad, OUCH so painful!!!










Saturday night we grabbed dinner at this delish tapas place called “Tu Tu Cafe”. I swear every time I go to a tapas place the food is just divine. Everything we order was oh so yummy, we ordered beef empanadas, dynamite shrimp, cajun chicken eggrolls, and cuban sliders so if you're ever in Orlando you must go there. After dinner we went to Blue Martini which was a nice lounge, the outside patio was my favorite, especially the fire pit with the water fountain. We had some drinks, danced, and laughed our asses off, truly the perfect girls night out.




Sunday was our last full day, we were planning to go to Disney Epcot Park but unfortunately we weren't able to get cheaper tickets like we had planned but it totally worked out, it was down pouring half of the afternoon. We kept it low key, went to a few places and relaxed before our flight home on Monday. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time, stay tuned for my next trip in August.

Do you have any summer vacations planned? If so I would love to know where you're going.

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