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I attended a pretty awesome event this past Thursday, Tyra Beauty Training and Opportunity Meeting (Be Your Own Boss). Tyra Banks was not there (sad) but Paula Harvey and LeeAnne Hayden did an phenomenal job hosting this event. They spoke to us about Tyra’s Beauty line which is currently only in the U.S. but will be going global soon. The beauty products were really well made, I honestly wouldn’t expect much less from the queen of beauty herself. We were able to swatch every single beauty item and let me tell you everything was beautiful, very pigmented, and the names were so catchy!

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I was shocked when I heard how involved Tyra is with her company and loved the fact that she knows her employees. She's not like other famous business owners who just slap their name on something and doesn't partake in anything, I really admire her for that. Paula and LeeAnne also spoke to us about how you can BYOB, no not bring your own beverage but “Be Your Own Boss”!! Tyra Beauty gives you the opportunity to be BeautyTainor “A fierce, independent sales representative who werks their TYRA Beauty biz, and is the CEO of her/his own life.” I think it’s great opportunity for someone who loves beauty, wants to pick up extra cash or even making a career out of it. There are all different types of perks if you joined Tyra’s crew.

CLICK HERE Direct link to find out more info about being a BeautyTainor

CLICK HERE Direct link to her website

I had such a great time, although being a BeautyTainor is not something I am interested in at the moment in my life but it is a possibly some of you may be interested. I hope this was helpful for some of you looking for extra cash or maybe even a new career or just wanting to test out Tyra’s Beauty line!

Hope you all have a fab week!

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