Nicole by OPI to go nail oil review


I don’t know about you, but my cuticles are forever dry! I have dry skin in general but my cuticles are to another level, which is not appealing and quite embarrassing!! I’ve been on the hunt for a cuticle nail oil and I have found it! It smells good, easy to use, not greasy and it works really well! Nicole by OPI to go nail oil is my savior. It seriously gives my cuticles life after I apply it. The fact that it's in a small tube and has a brush as an applicator is golden, you can be anywhere and if your cuticles are dry, just add a little oil and you're good to go. I’ve also tested to make sure it doesn’t leak because no one wants to go into their handbag to find an oily mess. I was able to find this gem at Ulta (here) for $6.99 but walmart (here) has it for $4.26 (better price but they were sold out). So my beauties, go get yourself some of this nail oil!!

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