Travel Diary: New York City 2016

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Ohhh New York City, we meet again!

Keven and I love NYC, we have contemplated many times about moving there, but unfortunately where we are in our lives it just doesn’t make sense so we take trips as often as we can. This place never gets old to us, there's always something to do, places to see and new places to eat. Fun fact about us, we love to explore, we tracked our steps and did over 70,000 steps in less than 3 days, CRAZY! As you can see from all the photos we were all over the city and we enjoyed every minute of it.

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Aside from exploring we love to eat, foodies for sure!!! Literally every place we went to had about a 25-45 minute wait (even for ice cream) totally worth it! We ate all sorts of goodness- waffles (which were out of this world), Korean bbq, tacos, bagels, donuts, pizza, and Puerto Rican food. YUM!!

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                     Clinton Street Baking Company

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             Best Bagel Coffee                  Los Tacos No. 1

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     The Donut Project                      New Wonjo Restaurant

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Cuchifritos (we had to come here because of Anthony Bourdain, we love watching his food adventures)

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           Lombardi’s Pizza                     Big Gay Ice Cream

Dammit looking at all of these food photos is making me super hungry!!!

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TRAVEL TIPS: I get asked a lot on how I find good places to eat and it’s just honestly taking the time to do research, I’m huge on using Yelp. Another question I get asked a lot is how do you find such cheap rates to nice hotels, I either book in advance thru the internet or I use this awesome app called Hotel Tonight, I swear by this app and have recommended to so many people. Use my code to receive $25 off your hotel booking NNGUYEN8

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                                   I love street art, so cool!

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I’d have to say the highlight of the trip for me was visiting the Sex in the City house, I was so excited, true fan over here. I hope you enjoyed my post of our trip to NYC. If you have any questions or even recommendations let me know so I can save it for my next visit hehe. Do you have any trips planned before summer is over?

Thank so much for reading!!


  1. the food tour!!! yum.
    i love NYC!!! i'm hoping to head down for fashion week. i'm a little intimidated.
    i'll have to look for some of these spots.
    rachel moore

  2. NYC has such amazing food, yes def check out some of the spots I went to, you won't regret it! OMG fashion week, lucky you! I'm hoping to be able to go one day!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful time you had. New York city has that special in my heart and looking at your pictures bring great joy to my heart. Goshh how cute you and your fiancƩ is.

  4. Awww that makes me so happy to hear! NYC is my favorite city for sure. Thanks so much doll face, he's a pretty awesome guy! xo

  5. 70,000 steps in 3 days?? You guys rocked it!!

  6. Hahaha thanks love! We wanted to eat good so we had to balance it out with the walking lol but we truly love walking & exploring, it's our thingšŸ˜€