Make Me Chic





Ahh it’s Sunday, where does the weekend go? I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Today’s post will be about Make Me Chic, that's right this online clothing store will do just that. Make Me Chic has such a wide selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories. A fashionista on a budget that I am, I love online sites that have trendy, inexpensive, and unique pieces. I received this lightweight beige floral printed dress from Make Me Chic and it’s perfect. As much as I love bright prints I do love simple neutral prints as well. I’ve been literally living in this dress this summer, it's so versatile, you can wear it during the day for a casual look (like I have been) or jazz it up with some heels for the evening.
CLICK HERE for the direct link to this Spaghetti Strap Floral Dress, you won’t believe the price of this beautiful dress.

CLICK HERE for the direct link to Make Me Chic’s website, have fun shopping dolls!

Thanks Makemechic for this collaboration!

Have an awesome week beauties!


  1. Happy Monday!
    What a gorgeous dress babe, it looks so beautiful on you! 😍😍😘

  2. Thanks doll!! Happy Monday to you!! 😽❤️

  3. it looks GREAT!!!!! i have a shirt from there and it's very nice for the price.
    sorry - still commenting from my hubby's laptop :)
    rachel -

  4. Thanks so much Rachel! Can't beat a good deal :)